Boing zone waiver

  • If you are coming to boing zone on 29th November, your parents MUST sign the online waiver, below.

  • This is a Boing Zone requirement - they will not let you in without a waiver!

  • The instructions for parents are below:


  • Click HERE to go to the waiver page.

  • Enter your e-mail address and click "Me and my kids"

  • Enter our jump ID, which is 146793

  • Fill in your details and your child's details

  • Select "Yes" for "Add waiver to Party or Jump ID"

  • Read the waiver and tick the box if you agree

  • Please let us know when you have done this, either by letting a leader know or by the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Thanks, and happy jumping!

Don't forget we LEAVE the Centre at 7pm, and will be back by 10pm.

Contact the Leaders:

07808 346 940

Find AYF on Facebook:

  • Facebook - White Circle
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